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Check out our Q&A with award winning author Evan Welty

Writer of Pairs - Twins and Other Twosomes. Gold Medal winner of Best First Book - Picture Book at the 2014 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards.

Featured article on Illustration Today of an interview with our illustrator Hsinping Pan

hear her talk about how she became an illustrator, her typical day of work, and her take on animation and illustration, etc.

Virginia Chan

Virginia started as a layout artist on a feature animation after graduating from USC Animation. She enjoys working with artists and writers to visualize the full potential of a project and to facilitate the process. She is the creative director of Pairs - Twins and Other Twosomes and The Clever Swallow.

Christopher Lee

Chris was born in Korea but grew up mostly in Los Angeles where he studied architecture and business management. He has over 25 years of multicultrual and diverse industry experience including architecture, video games, interactive media, visual effects and animations. Chris had created and help produced many TV animation series and 3D feature animated film with high profile producers and directors such as Cartoon Network, Disney and Warner Brothers. He is an award winning video game producer of titles such as Air Raid, Return to Midway, Battle Arena and Alien Blast and director with over 15 published titles including What is Real, Element, Seventeen Moments of Spring, and I Won't Give Up On You. He is the writer and director of highly acclaimed feature documentary film Fading Away. In addition to his interests in developing new entertainment contents, Chris is also a special lecturer at more than 20 different colleges in Korea and USA.

Hsinping Pan

Hsinping Pan is an illustrator and animator. She loves to draw colorful things and sometimes animate them. Hsinping’s works can be seen in magazines, children books, commercials, films and music video. Hsinping is the illustrator of the book Pairs - Twins and Other Twosomes. Visit her website at Hsinpingpan.com to view her collection of illustration and animation works

Yoom Thawilvejakul

Sirirat Thawilvejakul a.k.a. Yoom is a Thai artist and animator who specializes in creating surrealistic worlds and characters. The Clever Swallow is the first children's book she fully illustrated. Yoom is also our company representative in Thailand.

Evan Welty

Evan Welty is a writer, traveler and mother of “identical” twin boys. Her enjoyment in getting to know the two of them was the inspiration for her first book, Pairs - Twins and Other Twosomes. Evan has a Masters in Public Policy from Georgetown University and lives with her family in Northern California.

Virginia Chi

Virginia Chi is a full time elementary school teacher in Vancouver, Canada. She has a Masters of Education and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Education. She is the editor of the book The Clever Swallow.


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